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Decorative Vinyl Rugs for use indoors and out

Floor Flair Vinyl Rugs by Studio M at Belladonna Floral Studio & Gifts

Most of our customers are familiar with Studio M quality products through our Art Poles, Planters, and Bird Baths. In 2021 our friends launched a new product line of Vinyl Rugs utilizing the same durable UV protected ink we've come to trust. We have been testing these rugs in our retail shop since then - at the front door, in front of the cooler, on the wall (!) and in our back room with the theory being if they hold up in our shop...through MN winters with salt and grime - they will do the same for you. And they performed Fantastic!!

We are so pleased and excited to bring you this new line of Fun, Classic, Whimsical, Colorful, Subdued, Vinyl Rugs -
with a look for every home or office mood, season, or atmosphere.
Below are a few images of the rugs but with over 100 styles and sizes we can't get them all on here! BUT we do have a sample ring of all designs available in our shop to take with you and brainstorm in the comfort of your own space!
Seriously you are going to love these!