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Forever is a mighty long time (to quote a famous MN Prince!) so show you mean to be in for the long haul with this elegant tribute to romance & love.

Featuring MN Grown Red Roses in a contemporary cube vase the message here is clear...I am yours.

The bouquet pictured features 18 red roses with purple wax flowers.

Our deluxe version is with 20 red roses...and the premium is with 24 and in a larger cube vase.


  • Orientation: All-Around

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  • Simple Design


  • Impressive Design


  • Premium Design



This sleek contemporary red glass Cube from Teleflora's Flowers-in-a-Gift collection adds a dash of color and it's great for votive candles too!

Simple Design - $129.99

Impressive Design - $144.99

Premium Design - $164.99