Mid Mod Brights Bouquet

Abdallah Truffles

Birthday Pink Flowers 🌸

Forever 29!

Golf Dammit Doll

Milk Chocolate Pansies

Gift Card

Congrats Grad Stick Balloon

Is it just me or would this bouquet be perfect in the office of a stylish Mad Men exec! Or gorgeous on a kitchen island in the modern day too! Two gifts in one as the blooms fade they will still have a stunning mid-century ceramic planter!
HINT: include a gift card for them to shop for a plant later!

  • Orientation: All-Around

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  • Simple Design


  • Impressive Design


  • Premium Design



Available exclusively from Teleflora, this glazed ceramic pot with semi-gloss finish and wooden stand will be the perfect home or office décor piece for years to come.

Simple Design - $79.99

Impressive Design - $94.99

Premium Design - $114.99