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Bella DIY with an experts eye bulk flower program

BellaDIY with an Experts Eye.

When planning weddings or events there seems to always be a volunteer who can do the flowers - while not an expert - if you are comfortable by all means consider them! That is where "BellaDIY...with an Experts Eye" comes in to take the worry out of their effort! Working with our design team you can select the level of input your team needs - whether just picking them up the day of or "hey can you explain" we have you covered!
Working with our regular everyday vendors ensures your order is not a "one off" project for them, but their commitment to our success carries to your event! Our team will inspect all pieces before your pick up and IF there is a concern we will call you - with a suggestion or two ready for your input! You're not alone to "punt" or sit on hold for hours - we are here to help and support you!
Yes if you search the internet you will probably find offers that cost less, we're not offering lowest pricing. Our goal with BellaDIY is to help your budget while still producing a quality product that you (& we) can be proud of!